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We are a well established company in India with collaboration of an Italian company to manufacture and supply acetylene gas plants. Acetylene (C2H2), a compound of carbon and hydrogen, is a colorless and highly flammable gas. It is slightly lighter than air and has a garlic-like odor. Acetylene is stored in high pressure cylinders filled with a porous material and containing acetone, into which the acetylene is dissolved. Unless dissolved in a solvent, acetylene will dissociate at pressures above 15 psig and form lamp black and hydrogen. Heat is generated with dissociation, which in turn, produces a danger of explosion.

Our acetylene gas generators are unbeatable in quality, design and technology. Our plants are at par with the best in the world, not to talk of unbeatable prices. Manufacturing and fabrication of machinery is done in compliance with international standards. Being a quality conscious company, we ensure that all our industrial plants are of high quality. Seeing our commitment to quality control processes, all major quality assurance companies have endorsed the quality of our products. We have been given ISO 9001:2008 and CE certifications. Acetylene plant exporters wanting to sell their machinery into the US and the European market require CE certification. Our plants are sold in over 60 countries including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen, Sudan, South Africa, UAE, Algeria, Peru and many more. All the leading air separation plant manufacturer, liquid oxygen plant manufacturers, liquid nitrogen plant manufacturers and medical oxygen plant manufacturers use the latest industrial gas plant technology to fabricate high quality industrial gas machinery.

Features of Acetylene Generator

  • Easy to run
  • Automatic functioning
  • Advanced design for trouble free working
  • No bulky gas holder required
  • Automatic controls for feeding water
  • Excellent absorption of gas in cylinders
  • No gas loss and high yield
  • Low power consumption & maintenance


oxygen plant manufacturer
acetylene plant manufacturers
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